Malaysian Society of
Complementary Medicine (MSCM) 

The Professional Society for Practitioners of Complementary Medicine in Malaysia

History of  MSCM

The Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine (MSCM) traces its origins back to the early 1990s, a time when the concept of complementary and alternative medicine was steadily gaining traction in Malaysia. As people started seeking holistic approaches to healthcare, a group of passionate practitioners and enthusiasts came together to establish an organization that would foster the growth and development of complementary medicine in the country.

Formally founded in 1994, the MSCM emerged as a platform for like-minded individuals, including practitioners, researchers, educators, and advocates, to collaborate, share knowledge, and promote awareness about complementary medicine's potential benefits. Over the years, the society has evolved to encompass a wide range of disciplines, including herbal medicine, acupuncture, traditional healing methods, aromatherapy, and more.

One of the earliest and most significant milestones for MSCM was its recognition by the Ministry of Health Malaysia in the late 1990s. This recognition marked a significant step forward in establishing the society's credibility and influence within the broader healthcare landscape of the country. With this recognition, MSCM was able to engage in dialogues with regulatory bodies, contribute to policy discussions, and advocate for the integration of complementary medicine into mainstream healthcare practices.

Throughout its history, MSCM has played a pivotal role in organizing seminars, workshops, and conferences that bring together experts from various fields of complementary medicine. These events not only serve as platforms for knowledge exchange but also contribute to the continuous professional development of practitioners. Additionally, the society has actively participated in research initiatives and collaborated with universities and research institutions to advance the scientific understanding of complementary medicine's efficacy and safety.

As societal attitudes and perceptions about healthcare continue to evolve, so does the role of MSCM. With a growing membership base and an increasing demand for complementary approaches to wellness, the society remains committed to its mission of promoting education, research, and collaboration within the field of complementary medicine. By bridging the gap between traditional and modern healthcare practices, MSCM envisions a future where complementary medicine plays an integral role in providing holistic and comprehensive healthcare options for the people of Malaysia.


To develop, advance and influence scientific and classical knowledge of Traditional and Complementary therapies in an ethical, professional and caring manner to promote health and welfare of the public


Office Bearers & Management Team


President of Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine

Dr. Edward Chan

Vice President

Connie Lee Yoke Kwan

Honorary Secretary


Hon Asst Secretary

Wong Hoi Lin @ Yeap Heong Moi


Michelle Fong

Council Member

Mohd. Ashmir Wong

Council Member

Indradevi Narayana Nair

Council Member


Council Member

Upcoming Courses

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President's Message


Hey there, wonderful community,

I wanted to take a moment to share something really exciting with all of you. As you may know, I'm Arvin, your President at the Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine. Today, I'd love to chat with you about the incredible world of complementary medicine right here in Malaysia.

Our nation has a beautiful tradition of embracing diverse approaches to health and well-being. For generations, we've turned to complementary therapies that have been passed down through our rich heritage. And guess what? In this modern age, the interest in these therapies is skyrocketing, and for all the right reasons.

Let's talk about why this matters. First off, complementary medicine isn't just some trendy idea. It actually works wonders for a wide range of health conditions. From managing pain to handling chronic illnesses, these therapies have shown their true potential.

Here's another awesome angle: cost-effectiveness. Many complementary therapies are kinder on our wallets compared to traditional medical treatments. This accessibility is crucial for many Malaysians who are looking for effective healthcare without breaking the bank.

Safety is a big deal too. Complementary therapies often come with minimal side effects, making them a solid choice for those seeking alternatives to conventional approaches.

Now, let's zoom in on our Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine. We're not just here for show. Our mission is rock-solid: we're all about providing top-notch education and training to our practitioners. We're also diving into research to ensure that these therapies are safe and truly work.

Honestly, I'm super optimistic about the impact we can make. I'm inviting all of you to jump on board and be a part of this journey. Together, we can weave complementary medicine into the very fabric of our nation's health and well-being.

Here's to a healthier, happier Malaysia! 🌿🙌"


Arvin, DO

Latest Newsletter May 2023

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